WRLDINVSN x JiggAerobics

In 2015, LaDonte 'Mr. GetRight' Lotts founded “JiggAerobics,” a dance-based fitness program that fuses "jigging," an energetic Louisiana dance style with LaDonte’s own personal dance moves and numerous plyometric exercises.

JiggAerobics is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fun, fitness, and entertainment into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation called "GetRight Sessions."

JiggAerobics exercise classes are unrivaled "fitness parties" that blend modern upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total body workout that feels like a celebration.

In 2017, The Wall Street Journal spotlighted LaDonte and JiggAerobics in an amazing article and in May 2020, ‘Shark Tank,’ the ABC entrepreneurial investment bidding war, featured Lotts and his budding brand as well.

JiggAerobics was set to host The 2021 BossUp Festival & Marketplace youth entrepreneurship event in New Orleans this past summer while WRLDINVSN was slated to be the keynote presenter and vendor. Prior to the event, both companies filmed an impromptu podcast interview together to promote the event. TheBossUp Festival & Marketplace was eventually cancelled due to covid-19 but the two companies have since collaborated twice for onsite entrepreneurship conferences.

JiggAerobics and WRLDINVSN have collaborated to:

-       Bring fun, fitness and entertainment to households worldwide.
-       Inspire to World to Activate Their Vision Through Fashion & Fitness
-       Use our fitness sessions as a vehicle to spread “the cheese," joy and happiness worldwide. Get ready to "Get Lit While You Get Fit!"

Health Benefits:
        •       Burning Fat & Calories
        •       Toning Muscles
        •       Cardiovascular Enhancement
        •       Improving Dance Skills
        •       Plyometric Workout
        •       Encouraging *CHEESE* (Smiles)

“Both company’s have the same mission and vision to change the world. With this partnership we would like to give inspiration to others to continue believing in themselves through fitness and apparel.”

“Effectively, change is almost impossible without collaboration! Strength is in numbers and working together with WRLDINVSN was a no brainer. It’s time to Activate Your Vision and Get Lit While You Get Fit!